Tuesday, 19 June 2012 01:00

Epic Winter Hoodie Design Comp Winner! Featured

Life FM's Epic Winter Hoodie Design thanks to Print Mighty is on now! All you need to do is whip up a design for our EPIC WINTER HOODIE... We'll be taking submissions for the next two weeks and the Life FM Team will be picking our favourite design. If you win, you'll get 10 hoodies for yourself to use as you'd like, so make sure it's something you'd wear!



Ashleigh Meyer from Auckland!!!


Ashleigh will be getting a bunch of hoodies to give away to mates all with her cool afro/ethnic style design, we loved it! The skiing cat was a close second!






Runner Up



Life FM Epic Winter Hoodie: Creative Brief!


1) It must have the Life FM Logo on it somewhere... and that logo has to be in our colours or black and white

2) it has to either say EPIC WINTER or somehow represent an EPIC WINTER

3) Design is to be used for a black hoodie

4) It has to be awesome

Download Life FM logos here.


Check out some design entries!



Thanks to Print Mighty!!!! check them out and get your own Hoodie done.


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