Life FM is part of the Rhema Media

Four radio networks, one digital TV channel and one quarterly national publication.

We aim to entertain and inform through all our broadcasts, however our primary purpose is to see lives changed. Consequently we play music that is uplifting, programmes that reinforce sound family values and we discuss all relevant issues. We offer programmes with practical tips for parenting, information on health, legal issues and budgeting as well as teaching, we seek expert comment on issues as well as offering talkback opportunities. With New Zealand

Rhema has been broadcasting to the people of New Zealand since 1978. Over the years, we have grown from one man's dream and a backyard studio, to become one of the country's largest radio networks, reaching thousands of people every day.

The first radio station in New Zealand to use satellite technology, we continue to break new ground at the forefront of broadcasting technology.

Rhema differs from commercial radio in that 30,000 New Zealanders unite with staff in changing lives for good by financially supporting the station, paying a yearly membership fee. These subscriptions, along with donations, currently make up the majority of our income. Our bottom line is changed lives.

Without the love, support and prayers of these people Rhema would not be what it is today.