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Matty Mullins - On Point Pomade

This isn't really "music news" but it's news none the less. One of Life FM's underground artists Matty Mullins has just announced he's spent the last two years developing his very own hair product - "On Point Pomade" and it will be for sale online in the next three days. How wonderful! If having your hair on point while rocking out is important to you go to to get your very own tub from Matty Mullins himself

Now don't ask me what pomade is...

(I just googled it - pomade noun. 1. a scented ointment or oil for dressing the hair... There yah go!)


Twenty One Pilots featured in Rolling Stone

Tyler Joseph & Josh Dun (who make up my favourite band Twenty One Pilots) are featured in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

The interview (which you can find here) with Andy Greene goes into how their band formed, how their strict Christian upbringing has shaped their music, how their devotion to their fans has set them apart, as well as the science of fighting 100 duck-sized horses.

"I loved everything about the show except for one thing: I wasn't onstage playing also."

blurryface is out now wherever music is streamed or sold.


Rend Collective: Joy Of The Lord

We can always trust Rend Collective to deliver when it comes to the banjos and hurdy gurdys!

Here's their brand new music video for Joy Of The Lord, recorded live in a apple orchard:

You can find this song on their album 'As Family We Go':


Lecrae releases Church Clothes 3 out of nowhere

Well this is pretty cool right before my birthday. Lecrae's just dropped Church Clothes 3 on iTunes, with tracks that feature Propoganda & KB. The Church Clothes series of albums (here's Vol. 1, and Vol. 2) have been some of my favourite of Lecrae's music - so this is one not to miss!


Lecrae - Freedom ft. N'Dambi

Freedom isn't free. New visual. #CC3

Posted by Lecrae on Monday, 18 January 2016



Read 'Valitus' by Janell Belcher

'Valitus' is a book written alongside the album of the same name, and you can read it for free now at

So I am sharing my story. Honesty has brought me to a place of grief. But this grief is one I am owning and choosing to learn and grow from. I'm asking my questions. I'm praying for miracles. I'm longing for clarity and purpose. This is my lament in all its vulnerable glory.



FREE MUSIC and you've got 24hrs left.

Here is the link -

All you need is an email address and your post code to get your hands on a never before heard single from The News Boys. How kind of them :) You have until Friday to make it happen (But I think they mean Friday in America) Anyway, just dont miss out otherwise you'll have to wait till MARCH for new music from these guys!

The new album featuring the single "GUILTY" Hits store March 4th to be exact.

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