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Rend Collective Announce As Family We Go

Rend Collective will be releasing a new 11-track album called As Family We Go on August 21st. Their previous album, The Art of Celebration, was only released in March last year!

August 21, 2015. #AsFamilyWeGo

Posted by Rend Collective on Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Gungor give awayfree hymns

Gungor have sent out a few exclusive free songs to subscribers of their newsletter over the last week or so - and while you can't get them anymore (that's what exclusive means), you can still have a listen!

From the band: "We've been coming to terms with something over the last couple years that has been sort of hard to admit to ourselves, but it's true... Every artist has roots. Like so many artists, we have really desired to transcend our roots and not be limited by them. But that doesn't mean they don't exist. And we've had to come to terms with the fact that our primary musical heritage is not something sexy like rock and roll or R&B. It's church music. And while we have sometimes sort of tried to deny that and just do our own thing, we have recently been becoming more at peace with where we've come from. Everybody comes from somewhere, and everybody has something to transcend and not be boxed in by. So us recording these hymns was sort of a way of looking at our family tree and coming to a greater peace with it. Actually becoming grateful for it."

Gungor also have new music on the way, hopefully by the end of 2015!


Watch twenty one pilots' full live set

Over this past weekend, twenty one pilots performed a set at Bonnaroo, which lasted over an hour long. I wasn't there (odds are you weren't either) but the whole thing has been posted online!

Twenty One Pilots have just released blurryface - out now on iTunes & Spotify, and they'll be live in Auckland playing a sold-out show on July 9.


194 Sleeps to go...

Yea Christmas isn't for ages, but right now it's primetime for recording your Christmas project - so Chris Tomlin got a bunch of his muso friends together to record a live Christmas album, due out later this year.

Yea... I'm excited... nothing you can do about it

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