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Thousand Foot Krutch Debut Single From Upcoming Album

Heavy rockers Thousand Foot Krutch have launched brand new single 'Born This Way' from OXYGEN:INHALE, which is set to be released on August the 26th.

Frontman Trevor McNevan says the new single is all about being comfortable in your own skin.

"We were made to be who we are, and every one of us is unique," says McNevan. "We're wired the way we are for a reason."

"We were all created equal, and this song is an anthem for everyone who's tired of being someone they're not, or has to dumb down who they are for someone else. Be yourself, you're the best version of you."

Check out 'Born This Way' below.


"Get some great tunes. Give generously. And help Jonny be good."

Check out this new compilation album featuring a whole bunch of Kiwi musicians for Jono. He's a good friend of the station and he needs help - so please donate generously. Check out the press release for the album below:

Meet Jono.

Jono is the original little drummer boy. Dude's been killing the skins since he was tall enough to pound a snare.

And he's good. Real good. In fact, if you're a Kiwi muso, he's the guy you call for a beat. Jono's been the smiling backbone of too many bands to count.

He's the happiest guy in showbiz. His face lights up the stage like a human L.E.D – Jono's the midas of breakbeats. Everything he touches turns to gold.

But here's the bummer. A few months ago, Jono and his beautiful wife were in a pretty bad crash. Our guy was pretty badly injured. He spent weeks in a coma with severe brain trauma. Although he's awake now and banging that hospital bed like ballin' John Bonham, he's got a long recovery ahead of him.

Jono's a human magnet. He's the essence of love and generosity. But his journey back to the drumstool will be a long and expensive one.

So here's what we've gone and done. We've made our guy Jono a little mixtape. It's full of exclusive gems and material written by a community of musicians that he's played with over the years. Clap Clap Riot, Avalanche City, Great North, Jesse Sheehan, Lydia Cole, Nathan King and heaps more – they've all come to the party, donating never-heard-before tracks. Some golden B-sides, some recorded especially for Jono. It's a real party up in here.

So, here's what you're gonna go and do. You're gonna get your hands on this piece of work. And you're going to pay a price of your choosing. But we know you'll be generous, because we've got a man down, and we need that man back in action ASAP.

Get some great tunes. Give generously. And help Jonny be good.


Avalanche City – 'Giving Me a Sign'
Sam Bentley feat. Lydia Cole – 'Dearest'
Nathan King – 'No Stopping You'
Clap Clap Riot – 'I Told You Man'
Jesse Sheehan – 'Old Man'
Lydia Cole – 'Dream' (Demo)
Nic Manders – 'Tomorrow's Gold'
Luke Thompson – 'Smile'
Great North – 'All Saints Day'


The Latest Fallout Release 'Better' Music Video

Hamilton-based punk rockers The Latest Fallout have just released a music video for their single Better.

This comes two months after the band made their self-titled album available for purchase.

Give it a watch below, and then go out and buy the album!


Tenth Avenue North release Islands EP

Tenth Avenue North have released a surprise Islands EP. And even though they didn't tell anyone they were going to, the EP's landed in the top five of iTunes charts around the world (including NZ!)

The songs featured on the EP include lead single "No Man Is An Island," "Forgive Me," "Just Getting By," and a collaboration with rapper KB titled "For Those Who Can't Speak." The band clarified on twitter that they'll still be releasing a full-length album later this year. Click here to download on iTunes.


Satellites & Sirens Initiate Fan Cover Contest

Pop rockers Satellites & Sirens have announced a competition for their fans: to cover their hit track Jump Start My Heart.

In the wake of the single's unexpected success, a couple of the boys from the band took the time out to invite their fans to submit their own video recordings of the song.

The top 10 most viewed videos will be entered to win 1 of 5 prizes that include anything from shoes, live chats, autograph copies of One Noise or even performing their version of the song live on stage with the group.

The contest closes on September 1st, so get creating your own rendition!

Head here for the contest rules and watch the video of band members "Little" Dave and Geoff initiating the competition below.


Stephen Christian to release worship album

Stephen Christian, frontman of Anberlin, announced on the latest Bad Christian podcast that he will be releasing a worship album next year. He also talked about hard times on the road over the last 12 years.

Following pretty solid solo-worship releases from the likes of Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, The Almost) and Dustin Kensrue (Thrice), I think this should be pretty good!

NOTE: The Bad Christian podcast is pretty raw and uncut - the issues get serious and the language sometimes used could be offensive.


Announcing Cloud Festival 2015

Announced at Worship Experience II last weekend, Cloud Festival 2015 will be held at QBE Stadium in Auckland on January 24 next year.

Tickets are already on sale and start at $67 ($57 if you go in a group of 20+) but price go up a little bit every week so get them quick!

Rapture Ruckus has announced he'll be there - the rest of the lineup should be out soon. Check for full details.



MxPx release acoustic collection

Yes, it's as good as you think it would be! Celebrating their 22nd anniversary, everyone's favourite punk back has released their first set acoustic songs in MXPX Acoustic Collection 12 tracks, featuring "Punk Rawk Show" from 1995, through to "Aces Up" from a couple of years ago. 

Mike Herrera explains, "This was a request record from our fans. We've been asked hundreds of times to release an acoustic album and we finally have complied, just in time for our 22nd anniversary milestone. Most of these I've been performing live acoustically for a while now, but I rearranged some of them specifically for this release, giving the songs a whole new perspective and feel. Although these are studio-quality performances, I really tried to keep the overall sound of the production reined in and focused on the crux of the songs. All the tracks are my favorite ones to do acoustically."

The album is out no on iTunes and Bandcamp.

UPDATE: There's also a sneaky demos collection released just on Bandcamp

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