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Rend Collective to release Christmas album next week

I dare you to find better news than this: Rend Collective have finally caved to the rumours, and announced that their Christmas project "Christmas Campfire - Vol. 1" will be out November 18.

I like the look of that "Vol. 1"... leading on to Vol. 2, and then Vol. 3... oh it's so good!!

For your early Christmas music fix, follow our 2014 Xmas playlist on Spotify!



Noisetrade launches fan accounts

Noisetrade is a beautiful part of the internet where artists from all genres can post music for download, and fans can leave tips to support them. I use it all the time (cos bands usually post b-sides, remixes, or bonus tracks you can't get anywhere else) and now Noisetrade has launced Fan Accounts.

So you can store your downloads, share your favourites, and generally just have a better time getting awesome music - best part, it's free to sign up!

PS My account is if you want to see what I'm listening to!


Free Stream of Brooke Fraser's Brutal Romantic Ahead of Friday's Release

Brooke Fraser is bringing out her highly-anticipated new album Brutal Romantic on Friday - but The New Zealand Herald are allowing fans to have an exclusive listen to the album this week, for free.

The album stream confirms what many already assumed after the first couple of singles - she's drastically changed from the days of her acoustic-guitar-driven songs, in an attempt to move into sounds that are more innovative and experimental.

She says "I really felt that Flags [her third album, released in 2010] was the end of a trilogy for me as an artist. I felt like I'd explored the folk pop singer songwriter world."

"I knew that I had always set my voice against really warm organic sounds, and I really wanted to experiment with setting my voice against different textures - spiky things and cold things and mechanical things, and bring out the tension and contrast and balance that could be enjoyed if I did that."

Have a listen to the entire album, for free, for the entire week, on the Herald website.



Switchfoot's Jon Foreman to Bring Out Four EP's in 2015

Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman has announced an exciting bit of news for fans of the band and his solo work - he's bringing out not one, but four new EPs next year.

Much like his first solo project in 2007, where he wrote songs based on and inspired by the four seasons, 2015's releases will have a common theme tying each EP together.

They have been given the tentative titles of Sunlight, Shadows, Darkness and Dawn; and if they're anything like his first solo effort, fans are in for a real treat.

Below is a stunning track from 2007's Winter EP by Jon Foreman.


Kimbra talks about 90s Music

You know Kimbra's song 90's Music...

...Well she has just released a whole bunch of stories behind her songs on youtube. Check them out!

Here's the song -

and here's the story -


Introducing: Rivers & Robots

You can be forgiven for thinking "who the heck are Rivers & Robots?!" - their indie-folk tunes have only recently started making waves outside their native home of Manchester, UK.

Their latest album All Things New has caused a bit of a stir internationally; mainly because it is, quite frankly, an exceptional record.

Reel Gospel has described it as "without a doubt one of the most exciting records of the year" and The Good Christian Music Blog said "if they continue to stay true to their organic, indie, British sound they'll definitely be turning heads as they go – this truly is must have music."

And Relevant Magazine have recently picked up on the band and made their album available for free streaming, which you can gain access to by clicking here.

All Things New Trailer from Rivers & Robots on Vimeo.


Rapture Ruckus Previews Upcoming Track 'Volcano'

Rapture Ruckus announced yesterday that he'd teamed up with Swedish-American songwriter Jonathan Thulin for a brand new single entitled Volcano.

The set date for release is in a couple of weeks - on the 17th of November to be exact - and promises to be pretty good.


How do we know that, you ask?

Well, a video has just been posted of Brad Dring (the frontman and driving force behind Rapture Ruckus) and Jonathan Thulin performing an unplugged version of the upcoming track.

The video is below. Get excited for the 17th!

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