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Sufjan Stevens Is Releasing a New Album in March

It's been five years since he released something that wasn't Christmas music (not complaining by the way), but Sufjan Stevens (pronounced "soof-yahn") is set to release Carrie & Lowell on March 31.

Sounds like the perfect thing to listen to as summer begins to wind down and you head back to work or uni...

Head to for pre-order details.


Edge Kingsland to release "Let There Be Light"

Edge Kingsland have posted a sneaky teaser of their new Let There Be Light project, and it looks like it's going to be awesome. 

From their YouTube:

On January 18th, we'll be celebrating the launch of a new project. Inspired by the 7 Days of Creation, we've gathered poets, visual artists and songwriters from the Edge community and put together our own audio-visual interpretation of the Genesis poem. 7 Days is much more than an album, it's an attempt at creating as a community.

You're going to want to keep your eye on for this one


Jonathan Thulin to release "Science Fiction"

Jonathan Thulin (brother of remix producer David Thulin) has unveiled the artwork for his new album Science Fiction coming out in March.

He's also annouced the album features collaborations with Rapture Ruckus (who he teamed up with for "Volcano"), Group 1 Crew, & Royal Tailor (as well as a few others) so it should be one to look out for.

Jonathan's in NZ right now looking to do a living room tour, so if you want some acoustic goodness in your lounge or front lawn, hit him up on facebook and invite him over.


Tobymac releases new single "Beyond Me"

Tobymac has released his brand new single "Beyond Me" along with a couple of remixes.

Apparently this is just a teaser for a new full length album coming later in 2015, which I'm totally okay with.

Get the single on iTunes, or listen on Spotify.

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