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Pre-orders for Physical Copies of Kimbras New Album

You can now pre-order physical copies of Kimbras new album The Golden Echo. The album will be released on August the 15th in NZ and Australia - That means we get the album before America does!! The album is being released on the 19th in the states. Kimbra is also releasing the album on LP Vinyl - COOL!

Here is the link to the JB hi-fi site where you can pre-order the album. Also check out her youtube channel.


Kimbra Makes 90's Music

Australian-based New Zealand Kimbra, dropped her new single "90's Music". This time she has made a different sound... This is totally different to her debut album "Vows". 90's music is a taste of what's to come, before releasing her second full length album.

Have a listen to the single on sound cloud.

Download the single on iTunes here.

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