Nerice and Holly's Road Trip

Nerice and Holly's Road Trip

From March 13th to the 16th Nerice and Holly hit the road in search of... you. They will be starting on Tuesday in Palmerston North. From there they'll be making their way to New Plymouth for Wednesday and then ending up in Hamilton on Thursday.

If all goes to plan they will get to come home on Friday... but whatever happens on the road will be decided by you and us, with daily challenges and other such madness, this is going to be a road trip to remember.

Listen out during Life Support Drive to find out where they'll be and when!

Friday, 16 March 2012 08:38

Thursday 15 March: Waikato

The Baker family live in Pokeno with their 2 cats. There are 3 girls (including twins) and 1 boy - who wants to be a radio announcer. They've been listening to Life FM for about 12 years and whenever the TV's not on, Life FM is.


Kelly has been listening to Life FM since 1997! She now has 2 kids, Talia and Michael and listens to Life FM while she home schools her daughter in Ngaruawahia.

Her husband's just got a job at the council, after studying civil engineering.


Nicola is an intern at Arise church in Hamilton and works at EB Games for 2 whole massive hours a week.

She's in the middle of studying Physics & Mathematics. She hopes to go back to studying next year so she can be a high school teacher one day.


Sarah lives in a beautiful hostel with 10 other ladies. She's from Morrinsville but has moved to Hamilton to study primary school teaching.


Olivia goes to Waikato Uni and flats with 3 others. She went on a missions trip to Thailand before Uni for 10 months.

She baked us warm choc chip cookies, yum!

Thursday, 15 March 2012 08:12

Wednesday 14 March: New Plymouth

This is Justine. She is the most incredible, beautiful person. 

She's been listening to Life FM for 6 years, and even though she's trying to pay off her house, she still supports Life FM!


Will and his wife have 5 foster kids! They've been Life FM listeners from way back and they're both teachers.

We came for family breaky and even got to sing grace!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 08:48

Tuesday 13 March: Wanganui

Sarah is from Wanganui. Her hubby used to be a part of Barak Zamar and has two young kids.

She works on Bella Magazine, a magazine for young ladies, and even gave us some freebies to give away.

They have an amazing villa that they're doing up :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 09:18

Monday 12 March: Palmerston North

The Pullman Family






Jonathan Davies and family

Their house was super warm with a fire going on a freezing day. 
They also have an awesome pet turtle and cats too! 


Marty and Nicole Orange