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God's Grace

'If by grace, then it is no longer by works...' Romans 11:6 NIV


For all you theatre lovers out there, we're going to connect today's verse to 'Les Mis'. Hit musical Les Miserables tells the story of convict Jean Valjean, a lead character who finds himself offered mercy by a kind bishop.

One night, while the house sleeps, Jean Valjean steals some family silver. The next morning three policemen knock on the bishop's door with Valjean in tow. They're all for throwing him in jail. But the bishop says: 'So there you are! I'm delighted to see you. Had you forgotten I gave you the candlesticks as well? They're silver like the rest, and worth 2000 francs. Did you forget to take them?' The bishop not only gets the criminal off the hook, he sets him up for life, challenging him to use the money to become an honest man. And amidst the singing and dancing (and that special song Susan Boyle made her own) a near-perfect picture of 'grace' is drawn.

Do you see it? We are like Jean Valjean and God is like the bishop. Not only does God forgive our sins He also gives us the family silver. He wipes our slate clean with the challenge to go and make something of ourselves. And it's not something we can earn or buy; it's a gift called 'grace'. Praise God.

SoulFood: Judges 1-3, Mark 14:1-11, Ps 121, Pr 12:23-24

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