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The Naked Truth

'The Lord God called to the man, "Where are you?"' Genesis 3:9 NIV


It was the morning after. Adam's head throbbed. The place was a mess. His stomach felt like it was hurtling down a rollercoaster. Little fragments of what happened last night kept coming back to him. Did I really spend so long chatting about that snake? And why have I woken up with a half-eaten piece of fruit in my bed?

He remembered the blazing row with Eve. (Quarrelling - that was something new to Eden.) What exactly did happen last night? He felt strangely vulnerable. Naked, in fact. Best not let God find out, he thought. Just then the sound of feet rustled through the morning leaves. 'Adam, where are you?' called God. Adam had an idea: hide!

And it seems that ever since, people keep trying to hide. And God keeps asking, 'Where are you?' Maybe you're hiding beneath good grades at school and trophies and awards. You're telling the world, 'I am capable, honest.' Maybe you're hiding behind a long string of relationships; you're telling everyone, 'I am wanted, honest.' Maybe you're hiding beneath a scowl and warning the world, 'Don't mess with me or else.'

Of course God knew all along where to find Adam; He wanted Adam to find himself. Until you do that, you're truly lost. Unless you admit there's a problem, it can't be fixed. You can't be fixed. Stop hiding and ask that person honestly in the mirror honestly, 'Where are you?' Face the naked truth.

SoulFood: Judges 4-6, Mark 14:12-26, Ps 4, Pr 12:25

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