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Blessed is the man who...' Psalms 1:1 NKJ

Russian poet Boris Pasternak wrote this: 'It is not revolutions and upheavals that clear the road to new and better days, but someone's soul inspired and ablaze.' The 20th Century saw its fair share of revolutions and upheavals. Pasternak's home country rose up in revolution, and by the end of the century was left in pieces. Nazi Germany attempted a new order for the world; that ended with six million Jews and vulnerable groups gassed. In 1989 the world was shocked by the Tiananmen Square massacre, a horrific consequence of the Chinese Revolution.

Not every upheaval automatically paves better days. Yet one soul, one person, can change the world. One Albanian nun decides to reach out to one child in poverty, and by the end of her life Mother Teresa had reached out to thousands of children, one by one (not to mention all of those she has impacted and inspired just by her reputation). One Irish doctor gives a home to one poor child and two centuries later, (Dr) Barnardo's continue to care for the poor. One Jewish scholar stands blinded by a road far from Damascus, and 2,000 years later the Apostle Paul's example of Godliness is followed by millions across the planet. You don't need a high government position to change the world - one soul ablaze is enough to rewrite history.

So what now? The key to Mother Teresa, Dr Barnardo and Paul's success is unhurried, uninterrupted time with God. Take time to meditate on Psalm 1:1-3. Read it. Memorise it. Live it.

SoulFood: Micah 5-7, Luke 22:39-53, Ps 24, Pr 24:15-18

The Word For You Today (an adaptation of The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass) is published under licence by RBG New Zealand. 2011 UCB International Ltd alt

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