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Come near to God and He will come near to you' James 4:8 NIV

A lone soldier in enemy territory makes an easy target. When you're cut off from your battalion you are prone to attack. Know why it's vital to stay plugged into the Church? Because the Church is your battalion. Yes, God still loves you even if you don't worship Him on a Sunday, but you're not making it easy for yourself in life's battles. You're a sitting duck. Without the encouragement of other Christians it's easy to drift. The margins of acceptability become blurred. Without the needs of others in God's family to look out for it's just easier to become self-centred. And, without commitment to God's mission you become another average Joe. Before you know it you can't remember where you put your Bible or when the last time you prayed was.

To love God means to love His people. People who stay away from Church over a long period can develop a bitter taste towards other believers. The enemy wants to drive a wedge between you and God. Don't let Church be His first stab.

So what now? Do all you can to get to Church this Sunday. Why not invite somebody who wouldn't ordinarily come along with you?

SoulFood: Neh 11-13, Luke 22:14-23, Ps 78:56-64, Pr 24:5-10

The Word For You Today (an adaptation of The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass) is published under licence by RBG New Zealand. 2011 UCB International Ltd alt

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