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knowing that suffering produces endurance' Romans 5:3 ESV

Who wants to go through a tough time? What a silly question! Who on earth puts a hand up to that shouting, 'Yes please, pick me!'?Actually anyone who's serious about living their life with God is signing themselves up for tough times along the way. But before you start ripping up your copy of Word For You Today, know this: God will use tough times to help you, so you'll be all the better for it. God doesn't take us into deep water to drown us, but to develop us. Some of the people you can't stand right now are the very ones God will use to help you grow spiritually. Honestly if you want to see some improvements in your character then tough times will help, not hinder. We actually need situations that make us angry if we're ever going to learn to control that temper. We need to be irritated if we're ever going to develop patience. We need to meet people we dislike if we're ever going to find the ability to love.Today, thank God for those people in your life who bring out the worst in you, who stretch your faith and make you mad. God is using them to develop your character. It's thanks to them that you know how much more of God you need.

So what now? Ask God for extra supplies of His love, patience, self control, forgiveness and understanding. Soon you'll discover those people can't bring out the worst in you because you'll be a changed character.

SoulFood: Lev 16, Lev 23:26-32, Heb 9:1-14, Heb 13:11-16 (Yom Kippur)

The Word For You Today (an adaptation of The Word for Today authored by Bob & Debby Gass) is published under licence by RBG New Zealand. 2011 UCB International Ltd alt

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