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Shift: Chase the Wolves EP

From Shifts Bandcamp...

"Chase The Wolves' is the band's most diverse collection of songs to date, bringing out our grittiest blues, our most soulful ballads and our most polished song writing. 

The EP is an autobiographical recollection of our time as a band; some songs are three years old, some were written three weeks before going into the studio. Some songs wrestle with mortality, some with loss, some with ultimate hope. Other songs talk about seeing the worst in ourselves, while others note the ways we grow out of it. 

We've loved playing these songs over the last couple of years, seeing them change and watching people enjoy them. We feel like these songs are ours, but they also belong to everyone who has supported us so far. So as a thank you, 'Chase The Wolves' is available totally free for download. 

We're insanely grateful for each other and the gift of music and the people we get to share it with."

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