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LifeFM Locals: Swifts & Sparrows


Swifts and Sparrows were the second band for Life FM Locals: On the Road. We met in Epuni Baptist Church on a cold Wellington night after a relatively scary drive through the windy back roads of the Hutt valley! Swifts and Sparrows did a stripped back acoustic performance with just lead singer Blake, even though he was the only one doing the songs the rest of the band still showed up for the interview. That's commitment. 

Hear the show here: 

Part One

Part Two

Part Three



More on Swifts & Sparrows from their website:

 'Swifts And Sparrows was formed by frontman Blake Reade and guitarist Shem Phillips. After trying fruitlessly to put a band together, they decided to focus on writing and recording songs. Soon after recording their second demo Matt Galloway was recruited to take up bass duties. This was soon followed by the entry of Sam Macdonald onto drums. The four piece band continued writing and shaping their sound.

 The band made their live debut alongside good friends Two Shots Fired on October 2nd, 2010. Not long after, they were booked for a spot on the Come and Live New Zealand tour. They were privileged enough to play alongside NZ greats, All Left Out, and international acts Ascend The Hill and The Ember Days.'

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