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Kiwi Download: Parabola West - Run Away

Written by Asher


"I write songs about my own life and about the lives of people who inspire me with their strength and story in the day-to- day journey we all know as life. I relate to others through our shared emotions, fears, and hiding places. Just as the light on a parabolic curve causes it to focus on one fixed point, so is my journey to channel my creative heart into a place where it can be seen and it can be useful."

Music, to Parabola West, is a creative outlet where meaning and stories are expressed, created and found. The independent singer/songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand is an empathetic soul whose catchy folk-pop tunes and piano-driven ballads are complimented by lyrics that speak of freedom and the very human emotions of love, vulnerability and hope. Her songs illustrate an eclectic variety of influences ranging from blues through to classic rock and opera.

Originally from the East Coast of America, she moved to New Zealand in 2003 after touring with UK-based band Dreamfield and launched her solo career as Parabola West in 2013. Her debut EP Did You Hear? will be released in March 2014.

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Monday, 24 March 2014 08:50

Kiwi Download: Nakita Turner - One Voice

Written by Asher


When Nakita Turner stepped on stage at age six to perform for the very first time, she didn't receive the response you'd hope for such a brave action by someone so young. She was mocked and laughed at by a group in the audience – something no six-year-old should ever have to experience – and vowed to never perform again.

How many of us have had similar hurtful experiences? Words. Actions. Online hate. Being ignored. Being stared at. However and whenever it happens, treating people without respect or kindness – bullying – is not okay. It hurts real people and becomes a barrier to dreams, hopes and possibilities.

Having experienced bullying a lot herself, as well as seeing how it affects other young people, Nakita wanted to do something to make a difference. Nakita is an incredible singer (as you can see here) and so at 13 decided to write a song. However, this songwriting process was different than most. Nakita went into six schools and interviewed 180 young people of all ages about their experiences of bullying. Then, with mentorship from the band Dukes, she collated these experiences into a song.

Find out more & Download the song for free at

Check out the video below!

Monday, 10 March 2014 12:33

Kiwi Download: Lil Trigarow - Rose

Written by Asher


Born and raised in Papua New Guinea, Brent Joseph Sause aka Lil Trigarow Swag first moved to New Zealand at the tender age of six. At church in Wellington he sang regularly and discovered a love of music through an unlikely source – his mother's gospel alarm radio.

The family moved back to Papua New Guinea (PNG) when Brent was ten years old and his musical talent grew; he learnt to rap for a school project, picked up piano and guitar through books and taught himself to record his efforts on an old computer using Fruity Loops.

This passionate hobby became his lifeline, sustaining him during a major upheaval in his formative years – a move back to New Zealand to finish off high school. At the age of fifteen he was boarding at Mount Albert Grammar School in Auckland, the country's biggest city.

Thursday, 05 December 2013 10:42

Kiwi Download: Go Stop Go: Home

Written by Asher

Home Cover

Check out

A focus on strong song-writing and vocal performances and clean, uncluttered arrangements, combined with acoustic instruments, loops and keyboards. Superbly played with contributions from Miriam Clancy (keys/vocals), Chip Matthews (bass), and Scotty Pearson (drums). Recorded and mixed by Neil Baldock at Roundhead Studios, Auckland and mastered at 301, Sydney.
It stops and starts, twists and turns. One minute we're totally in our comfort zone, the next we're being tossed in to the deep end. That has certainly been the experience of Jared Wrennall and Matt Ruys.

Matt and Jared got to know each other through mutual friends in the local music scene. And, being in a similar head space both mentally and spiritually, eventually decided to write music together. Both agree something "very natural and unforced happened" when they sat down for their first writing session. So natural in fact that at the end of a weekend in a beach house in New Zealand's isolated Ngunguru they had a bunch of new songs in need of a home. It was clear soon after that they already had one...

Monday, 18 November 2013 10:59

Kiwi Download: Hurricane Kids - Wake Up The World

Written by Asher


Check out Hurricane Kids

Hurricane Kids are a pop band hailing from Auckland, on a singular mission: to blow your speakers up!
After the release of their debut single "Tonight" in November 2012, Hurricane Kids were quick to release their debut EP which landed on to the NZ Charts, and it doesn't stop there.

Since then Hurricane Kids have kept hard at work, they released another single "Over", shot a video for it, have played numerous school shows, supported international pop punk band All Time Low at The Powerstation, all while preparing for this new single, Wake Up The World.

Produced by NZ's leading pop producer Gladius (Dane Rumble, Stan Walker, Titanium)
"Wake Up the World" is a summer anthem just waiting to happen.
The band is currently in the process of shooting a video for this song which is set for release later in the month. Watch this space

Monday, 04 November 2013 09:07

Kiwi Download: Yoyomo - 1000 Pieces

Written by Asher


In May of 2012 Matt Tan had this revelation: Songs don't record themselves.

After years of song-writing and being involved in a number of bands he decided it was time to stop wishing, and take a risk.  Thus began Yoyomo.

Enlisting the help on his friend and producer Jono Wilson, Matt began planning a trip to Auckland from his home in Wellington, NZ.
Using Skype, Facebook, email, FaceTime, Dropbox and good old telephone, Matt was able to work all the pre-production with his friends in Auckland.  Files were sent back and forth as ideas were thrashed out.

"The first time I was in the room with the boys was on the day we stepped into record at Roundhead Studios." said Matt, "It could have gone horribly wrong, but it's a credit to the boys it didn't.  They were prepared, and somehow we knocked out all 7-tracks in a day."

The journey has begun.
Join us.

Monday, 07 October 2013 10:26

Kiwi Download: Ceder: My Prayer

Written by Asher


About Ceder

Ceder has been together for a year now and is mainly an originals band. We have played at Battle of the bands and made it up to the regional finals in Wellington and have performed various gigs locally in Palmerston North. We won a local music competition in Palmerston North that entitled us to do a recording with Tiki Taane. We have recorded the single and Tiki has currently just finished producing the song. The song is titled 'My Prayer' and is our first official single. We play fairly heavy sort of music but try to be more melodic than anything, in the genre of Hard Rock. The band consists of Ben Baker (lead guitar), Luke Pearce (bass), Campbell Greig (drums), Lyle Greig (rhythm guitar, vocals).

Our facebook is


Tuesday, 17 September 2013 14:54

Kiwi Download: Lisa Crawley - Elizabeth

Written by Dan

lisa crawley

Lisa Crawley has a brand new album out called 'All In My Head' we're stoked to feature her single Elizabeth as our Kiwi Download! 

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Monday, 26 August 2013 11:47

Kiwi Download: Strahan - There Will Be A Day

Written by Dan

original-twbad single release

Strahan's been keeping busy, he's been on tour with Tear Fund, had his album up for free download and also been working on new material - including this new song 'There Will Be A Day'. Its a different sound, less folky, more gospel - and definitely worth a listen. Download from noisetrade now or listen below.

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Monday, 12 August 2013 12:52

Kiwi Download: Holly Arrowsmith - Wolves & Moon

Written by Dan

Holly Arrowsmith

Holly Arrowsmith is a blues/ folk musician who hails from the mountain valleys of Queenstown, New Zealand

When 60's and 70's folk and blues is all a child is brought up on, something unique is created- A 'distinctively powerful' sound is stirring in the soulful music of Holly Arrowsmith.

Born In the dry desert city of Santa Fe, New Mexico and raised in the mountain valleys of Queenstown, New Zealand, Miss Arrowsmith has had many cultural, artistic and environmental influences, ultimately manifesting in the form of song.

From a young age, the momentum behind Holly's vision has been building. At just 16, she was a finalist in the New Zealand Country Music awards with her song 'Heavenly Lights', and went on in her teenage years to win many local titles including 'Best acoustic artist' two years in a row, 'The Best original song' And Queenstowns 'Ultimate Muso' at the Battle of the Muso's.
More recently, Arrowsmith was named the winner of 2012 'Songstars' competition, with her powerful single 'Wolves and Moons'. She performed at Parachute Festival 2013 and opened the Queenstown Winter Festival for a crowd of over 10,000.

In June 2013, Arrowsmith released her first EP 'The River' to great response, and is embarking to tour NZ and play at numerous festivals.

With a voice that has been described as 'Organic' , 'Haunting' and 'Entrancing' and lyrics that lay bare a heart to carry light and hope into peoples lives, Holly Arrowsmith is a name to watch.

Click below to download 'Wolves & Moon' from the The River for free for a limited time.

Download not there? You might've missed out! It's all good - go get the song from Bandcamp and like Holly on Facebook! 


***SORRY!! This download has expired - Don't sweat though, there'll be another great Kiwi Download soon as!***

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