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Homegrown: Swifts and Sparrows

Based in Wellington, Swifts and Sparrows are a rock band that have released a new EP with a strange name, The Calamus of Sound. Find out what that means and hear their songs on Homegrown this week. Made with the help of NZ on Air, it’s Homegrown, Friday Nights at 11 on Life FM.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012 15:55

LifeFM Locals: Swifts & Sparrows


Swifts and Sparrows were the second band for Life FM Locals: On the Road. We met in Epuni Baptist Church on a cold Wellington night after a relatively scary drive through the windy back roads of the Hutt valley! Swifts and Sparrows did a stripped back acoustic performance with just lead singer Blake, even though he was the only one doing the songs the rest of the band still showed up for the interview. That's commitment. 

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012 14:21

LifeFM Locals: On The Road

Jon E & Ash are hitting the road for the second half of NZ music Month 2012. They're catching up with a bunch of musicians from all over the country, including Jessie O'Brian from Hamilton, Jessica Gotz from Taumaranui, Swifts & Sparrows & the Silver Fox Project in Wgtn, and The Response, The Helpful and The Willow Page in Christchurch.

Check out Bjorn in the afternoons between 5 & 6pm tues & thursday to hear the interviews and exclusive live performances!

Big Big thanks to NZ On Air for rocking the party!


Ash's Blog: Wednesday Morning...

We left AK around 8am, promptly stopped at maccas and boosted to Otorahanga to drop off a years supply of Kelloggs cereal to Richard.


From there we left to Taumaranui - The rain's been off and on, but the soundtrack has been all sunshine, so far the roadtrip music included  Zowie, Jack White & Sufjan Stevens with a bit of Clint in the Morning wake up!


We made Taumaranui by lunch and recorded Jessica Gotz, she's got the political acoustic activist market cornered, and you can hear her performance between 5pm - 6pm Thurs May 17th with Bjorn.


Before we headed to welli we thought we deserved a bit of a cuppa.


Ash's Blog: Wednesday Afternoon 

From Taumaranui we drove non stop - except for a carrot photo in Ohakune, petrol in Waioru & BK in Levin - to Welli!


Made it about 6.20pm and met the Swifts and Sparrows gents in Epuni Baptist Church for the next recording sesh. Hear their recording on tuesday the 22nd between 5 & 6pm with Bjorn.


The boys had a little rivalry going with the next band, The Silver Fox Project, who had beaten them in last years Jansens Garage Band!


Tom & Sam did a pretty stellar cover of a song thats so mainstream and shameless that one of the band refuses to perform it with them! Check it out in the show next Thursday the 20th between 5 - 6pm.

Once that was done we headed to Courtney Place for a Kebab and found even more excellent kiwi music! This dude sings Elvis while cruising the streets on a mobility scooter...


I think thats quite enough excitement for the evening. No music performances tomorrow, bit of coffee and sightseeing in WGTN then we'll catch the ferry to picton and drive to chch. Follow the tweets @asherbastion & @lifefm 


First things first, coffee!!!


From the short black on the Terrace we needed to get a few photos to prove we really were in Welli to the bosses...


It was such an epic day we hit Mt Vic...


After that we met up for lunch with Brendan & Sarah from NZ On Air, who are awesome, they're the reason we got to take Life FM Locals on the road! Great chats about the future of kiwi music online, so great infact we ended up running late and having to boost off to make the ferry. Though to add to the stress, i forced Jon.E to pull the car over so I could continue my Wellington ritual! Wholly Bagels!


After loading up on bagels we jumped on the ferry, Jon looked a little ill to be honest... but he kept his bagel down. We had an unofficial instagram ferry photo competition. Whats your vote? Hit the comments!


ash entry



from there we boosted to Kaikoura and promptly hit the lobster, for dinner!




After a sweet as brekkie in Kaikoura, with a couple of posey self shots (of Jon). We got in the RBG-mobile and boosted to the garden city...


First stop Cashel Mall, the one made of shipping containers. Maybe they should try building one of these in Tauranga? There are a few spare containers I hear! (that joke's about 6 months out of date, but hey...)


And of course as its been a bit of a foodie roadie too... the mighty Chch Souvlaki!


Even though we just had a massive feed, there's always room for coffee! We decided to chill and edit a bit of video (plus blog) in the Addington Coffee Co-op. Make sure you check it out if you get the chance. Epic cafe! 


Before we knew it, 2pm had rolled round and the first of our chch bands was waiting for us... in their lounge. Andy & Vic from The Response! They're part of The Willow Page as well, so we ended up recording both of the bands in their house. We ended up going a little over time and one of Andy's guitar students turned up to join the party.



After a quick line up change (drop one band member) we had The Response ready to go!


We wrapped up The Response, and headed to my family house in chch, a little worse for wear after the quakes and 18 months of aftershocks, many people including Mum & Dad are still waiting to find out whats happening with their houses. Pretty frustrating, but its also inspiring watching how the peope of chch have handled it. 


After that we had a couple more hours chill time, then back to do the last band of the trip. The Helpful!


They're a super nice bunch of guys, as they should be with a name like The Helpful


It was a little sad finishing up, Jon E and I both agreed we could have kept going. Getting out and meeting bands on their home turf is something quite special. I'm sure this won't be the last time we a kiwi music roadtrip! Of course it's not over untill the end of May, you can hear all our live sessions and interviews on Bjorns show, tuesday and thursday afternoons from 5pm - 6pm. We'll also be posting them on the web so you can listen once they've played out.


Farewell spit... as captured on the plane ride home.

Make sure you checkout the facebook gallery if you desire more Life FM locals goodness.

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