Saturday, 05 May 2012 13:54

Life FM Remixed May 5th

Written by  Asher

Life FM Remixed... recorded on April 30th, but it played out for the first time on May the 5th. Hence the name confusion! Check out a remix of Switchfoot and a cut from the tobymac remix album - Dubbed and Freq'd


Afterlife (Bryson Price Mix) - Switchfoot

You- Eric Prydz

The Veldt - Deadmau5

Start Somewhere (X-Zach'd Remix) - Tobymac

Grannystep - Dodge & Fuski



Asher Bastion aka Ash - likes Cats, Techno, Pizza. Looks after Life FM Remixed and tells the announcers what needs to be done and when.  


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