About a year ago, Thrice announced that after 13 years and 8 albums, they'd be taking an indefinite hiatus but would go out with a bang in the form of a huge farewell tour.

Turns out, they recorded some of the set (okay, all of it) and are releasing a 2-disc 24-song live album in October!

Anthology is out October 30.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 17:05

Dustin Kensrue is the freggin man

So a little bit ago, Thrice announced a hiatus and people were gutted. Frontman Dustin Kensrue is not having a bar of it, and has started a solo project so his freggin awesome songwriting (and even awesomer voice) continues to be heard all over the place.

Sidenote: Dustin also features as a guest vocalist on the upcoming Ascend The Hill album, Oh Ransomed Son, announced to be out April 17.

Take a look at this video of Dustin performing one of his new songs, tentatively titled 'Of Crows & Crowns'.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 16:44

Thrice announce hiatus

Just a month or so after the release of their long awaited album Major/Minor, Thrice have announed a hiatus from being a full-time band after 13 years.

It's not a full on break-up, they say, and there's every possibility that they'll still hang out and make some new stuff in years to come - kinda like what Falling Up did. You can read the whole statement here.

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