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Holly Hacks - Toiletries In A Straw

'Holly Hacks' is new to the Life FM Days Show.  Nope it's not me hacking on the mic although that could be fun.  It's life hacks, little tips and tricks you might not have known about. So today.....



straw toiletries


When you travel you  take those clear containers on the plane with you and you can only have so much liquid.  Such a hassle!!!  This is genius when it comes travel and will save you precious space and weight.


plastic straws
heat sealer or lighter
cotton buds
scotch tape


Fill a straw with whatever you want ie: moisturiser, sunscreen, toothpaste and make sure there's a little bit of room left at each end.  If you have a heat sealer then seal each end, if not there's a how to with a lighter here
(Note if you're young please don't do this without an adult)

Wrap some tape around the straw and write on it so you know what's inside.

To open just pinch the end and you're good to go.

Holly Hacks....
xoxox Holly



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Thursday, 25 July 2013 16:20

Clint Diaries USA#5

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While Clint is away in the states he's sending us his diary. We call them... CLINT DIARIES


Hello Bjorn and Tiffany!

Wow the last Clint diaries, hasn't it gone quick! First lets get down to business, I heard you've been looking into business propositions for Blint Enterprises. At first I was a little annoyed that you would conduct such transactions in my absence but then I heard what the transaction was for - Yes the morning wakeup should by a monster truck! I understand when a deal comes along you dont always have time to get your ducks in a row and have to move quickly - AND what an investment! It will almost definitely make us rich...

Ok so now that's taken care of we look back at the week that was...

It was our last few days in our house truck and we covered thousands of miles through the Canadian Rockies - some idiots do it on bikes! BY THEMSELVES! I can't even go to the movies by myself. 

We've been blasting tunes with the iPod on shuffle - which I'm convinced isn't really a proper shuffle. Especially when you have over 2000 songs and every 5th song would be Hanson's Christmas Compilation!

Now we all love Hanson, especially Tulsa (they have a whole day dedicated to them -May 6th look it up). But mainly the hits, like, Mmpbop and 'I will come to you' and of course 'where's the love?' Not their Christmas stuff in July...so there could be some iPod Hanson hacking going on that we aren't even aware of.

We spent a couple of days in beautiful whistler mostly in a great little spot on 'Lost Lake' swimming and taking in the rays and the tunes! I found out just after we left whistler that there was a topless beach area just around the corner from where I was sunbathing every day...I know! phew lucky I missed that one!

I've been fixated on books reiteratively ( which means reading a lot, for those that don't read reiteratively) Ive really enjoyed it and might keep it up when I get home, it's meant to make you smarter, so hopefully you still understand everything Ive written over the past couple of...sorry 2 weeks. 

2087 squashed bugs later we made it to Vancouver...what a city! They have Campers that hide Lamborghini's under them with hydraulics and Bomb sniffing Sea Lions- (not obviously in the same place). And no word of a lie I actually saw one of the Sea Lions training today while Kayaking with the GPS kit on its back and everything! 

Speaking of training Canadians must take a while to pick things up because on the way home we also saw a roadworks 'Go Stop Patrol in training!' How long is that course!? 


Anyway I must go, it's almost 4 in the afternoon and I have sleeping and stuff to do

Next stop San Francisco and then good old New Zealand! Looking forward to doing Clint Diaries Live next week! Seeya team 



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While on a recent tour through the United States, Mat Kearney made someone do a crap-load of editing to put this little thing together.

Actual comment on the video: "Great video. I love Kearney more than I will love my future child." True story.

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