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Ascend The Hill Kickstarter

As well as preparing to be at Parachute 2012, the boys in Ascend The Hill are gearing up to make their third album. They've launched a kickstarter where they're asking for donations to help fund the project:

This is our heart for this new record, that regardless of style, flow, reason or rhyme...that God would be glorified and honored above anything else.

Again, we have chosen to not go about this process in the traditional manner of a record label, borrowing money, and being indebted to someone who might not have same heart of generosity or ministry that we do. This means that we are free to be radically generous with the songs and ministry that have been entrusted to us, by giving our music 100% free as a gift in partnership with Come&Live!

This is where we need your help! When you choose donate, youʼre actually making it possible for us to accomplish what God has called us to as a ministry, partnering with us to continue to give the gift of our music for free.

Click the link, check out the video - and help them bring their worship music talent to the world.

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