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Parachute 2012 App!

Okay this is pretty sweet. With 50 days to go till Festival 2012 (featuring Relient K, The Almost, The Rocket Summer, Ascend The Hill, The Chariot + a bunch of others!!) Parachute Music have released an app to help you with festival.

It's got a site map, news updates, the full festival programme, artist profiles, quick phone links, even a little candle you can wave around during The Rocket Summer playing 'Walls' at Mainstage (8.30 Saturday night - thank you app!). It's freaking sweet. If you have anything running iOS or Android, and you're planning on being at Parachute, you gotta get this one.

Remember to get your tickets before December 14, cos then they go up in price. Or keep listening to us to win tickets for free!!

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