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Bands stop making music


Two Life FM bands announced that they were ending the road / taking indefintite hiatus today. I know, sad right??

Addison Road have announced that their time as a band has come to a close. Band front-woman Jenny Simmons (who started the band with now-husband Ryan) said:

"I hate break-ups, but this was as beautiful as a split can be! The guys were tired of living out of buses and leaving their families behind. In our case it was taking a toll on our marriage to raise our daughter on the road, work together, and then try and be married at the end of the day."\

She's already got a solo album on the way though - look for The Becoming early next year.

Also Sent By Ravens have announced that they're wrapping up as well:

"We are looking forward to spending some much needed time with our families and friends, building on those relationships that truly make our hearts happy. In the meantime, keep an eye out for other projects as I'm sure each of us will continue to pursue something with music."

I'll just go have a wee cry over here. Don't mind me.

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