Wednesday, 18 July 2012 13:42

All Things Batman Featured

Written by  Bjorn

Tonight I am going to watch the entire Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy. I am a wee bit excited! 'Wee' being the key word here as I may have just done a little bit in my jeans just now. 

I digress, I thought it would only be appropriate to post a whole lot of awesome anticipatory things about Batman today. 





Here is an awesome website where you have to draw Batman with your eyes closed........... which turns out to be rather difficult. 


Here's 13 minute preview/behind the scenes look at DARK KNIGHT RISES. WARNING: ASHER THINKS THIS GIVES AWAY TOO MUCH OF THE PLOT


Here is 20 things you may not know about the first installment BATMAN BEGINS 


I whole Bunch of different people who are BATMAN


This awesome picture....




Or how about this one?



How about the entire soundtrack of the DARK KNIGHT RISES done by the most epic music composer of FOREVER!!!! Hans Zimmer







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