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Thursday, 10 April 2014 11:03

Do something...

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Do Something.....

What are you doing for other people at the moment? I reckon all of  us can do something for somebody else.  Not only does it make the person feel loved but i really feel amazing blessing others.

Here's what i've done over the last couple of weeks to give you a bit of inspiration and show you that it doesn't take that much time and effort.


Make A Meal...
pie time

This week I made a meal for a family from my church.  I don't know who they are but i know they're going through a tough time.  It's not hard to make an extra meal for a stranger, a friend who's had a baby or someone you know isn't doing to well. If i have the ability to cook i have the ability to help someone out!


Send A Card...
card making

We've got some friends that have bought a new home.  How cool is to spend a couple of hours and make a card so that some of the first mail they get is not a bill but something nice.  Cards always go down a treat though, even if you buy one it's always so nice to get something in the mail.


Post A Care Package...
care packages

I've got quite a few friends overseas at the moment and i love sending care packages.  These totally don't need to cost you a whole lot, this one just had a little crafted gift and a heap of strips of paper with things that i appreciated about this person.  Easy!!


Send A Text...


The most simple and cheap thing you can do... check in on your friends and see how they're doing.  You never know what someone could be going through.


So there you go.  I hope that's inspired you to do a little something for someone else.

do something...

Hols xoxox

Wednesday, 02 April 2014 14:56

Recipe Book Love

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Recipe Book Love


I have a thing about recipe books.  If it comes to Birthday or Christmas and i get a really nice recipe book im a happy lady! So i thought i'd share with you some of my faves.

What Katie Ate..
What katie ate

I love that her recipes are so different.  The book has that incredible smell (i know a little odd, you know the paper page smell though?) The photography & layout is just so unique.  
My fav from this one is a harissa spiced chicken salad.  The recipe uses pearl barley but i used brown rice which is just as delicious...

what katie ate salad


Little & Friday

little and friday


Little and Friday have 2 cookbooks out now.  The other one (not pictured above) is called Little and Friday Celebrations.  
The must bake from the pictured cookbook is the caramel slice, no words can describe how delicious it is!!! Make sure you halve the recipe though because the quantities are huge.
I've tried making a few things from celebrations more recently this chocolate log.  Definitely save that one for a celebration because it is so rich (in a deliciously chocolate way)

little and friday log


Bluebells Cakery

Bluebell Cakery Cookbook Cover


My favourite spot to get a sweet treat in Auckland is Bluebells Cakery in Hillsborough.  Not only is the cafe amazing but they also have a cookbook out.
Beautiful, girly and filled with sweet treats it's a winner. Try the fudge and any of the cupcakes.
I really appreciated the tutorials for icing as well to perfect the bluebells look.


So there you go those are my recipe book loves!!
Hopefully it's inspired you to get in kitchen and try making something new.  Mayble you'll develop a recipe book love like me
Hols xoxo

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 14:09

Holly Hacks - Toiletries In A Straw

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'Holly Hacks' is new to the Life FM Days Show.  Nope it's not me hacking on the mic although that could be fun.  It's life hacks, little tips and tricks you might not have known about. So today.....



straw toiletries


When you travel you  take those clear containers on the plane with you and you can only have so much liquid.  Such a hassle!!!  This is genius when it comes travel and will save you precious space and weight.


plastic straws
heat sealer or lighter
cotton buds
scotch tape


Fill a straw with whatever you want ie: moisturiser, sunscreen, toothpaste and make sure there's a little bit of room left at each end.  If you have a heat sealer then seal each end, if not there's a how to with a lighter here
(Note if you're young please don't do this without an adult)

Wrap some tape around the straw and write on it so you know what's inside.

To open just pinch the end and you're good to go.

Holly Hacks....
xoxox Holly



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