Tuesday, 12 June 2012 11:24

Little things i'm loving Featured

Written by  Holly

Some days are just meh.  Sometimes it's because something's gone wrong but most of the time there's no explnation.  Maybe the weather is not to your liking or the lights wern't kind on the way to work

On a 'meh' day i like to look at the little things i'm loving and believe me they don't need to be significant.  Just enough to make you realise that the day isin't so bad after all.  So here's my list (continually changing but as of today this is my list):

- Dilmah Vanilla Tea
- My Electric Blanket (i only put this on the bed in the weekend - bliss)
- Watching Junior Masterchef : I think those kids can cook better than me.  They're so cute and so enouraging to each other.
- Pinterest, Instagram & My Fitness Pal (Yes it's taken me this long to start using Instagram)
- Craft Markets 

So it's your turn.  What are the little things you're loving at the moment?  Leave a comment below.

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