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Homegrown: Paper Plane

This week on Homegrown we’re talking to Nathan King about the new album from Paper Plane, it’s called "Proof" and it’s awesome! Hear heaps of tracks off it and the stories behind it.

Made with the help of NZ On Air, it’s Homegrown, Friday Nights at 11 on Life FM.

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Thursday, 03 May 2012 14:49

Paper Plane

Paper Plane in the studio for The Kiwi Big Breakfast

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Sunday, 13 May 2012 11:41

The Kiwi Big Breakfast

Thanks to hook ups from NZ On Air and Kellog’s , every day during the first two weeks of NZ Music Month we are chatting with some of your favourite local artists, and there will be exclusive live performances and you might even get to hear new songs from them before anyone else…

Here’s Week One’s Line Up:

Tuesday 1st May - Paper Plans

PAPER PLANE was formed between King and his 3 touring band mates. “We’re primarily buddies who love recording and performing music together. In touring my solo record the songs and sounds kept getting bigger and sounding more like a band - so the forming of PAPER PLANE was an easy and organic process really. It made total sense that we do this next album together because we had been playing live for a couple of years already.” Says Nathan. Recorded in the basement of Neil Finn’s Roundhead studios, ‘PROOF’ was essentially recorded as a live album, but with honed edges.

Interview - Bjorn and Jon E and Paper Plane


Wednesday 2nd May - The Jury and the Saints

A relentless first year for The Jury & The Saints saw the band play live to over 50,000 people. C4 picked up the boy’s first single, Brand New, as the channel’s promo song as well as a short documentary about the band and their music. The video for Brand New soon became the number one most played video on C4 and a top five single on myspace music.

Interview - Bjorn and Jon E and Jury & The Saints


Part One

Part Two

Thursday 3rd May - The Right Ones


A boy and a girl fell in love. They had similar dreams of writing + playing music to as many people as they could. Having had many successes within their solo careers, Geneva + Jono decided to become a duo. Their goal; to write good, honest + moving music that stemmed from their experiences together.

Interview - Bjorn and Jon E and The Right Ones

Part One

Part Two


Video - Children Song

Friday 4th of May The Garage Band Winner
Winners... Arklow!


These Jansen's Garage Band entrees were invited into the studio complety unaware that they'd won the $16,000 worth of gear!

Interview - Bjorn and Jon E and Arklow

Monday 7th May - Lisa Crawley


Blind Eyes

What I Would Give

Video - Dinosaurs

Tuesday 8th May - LIFE Worship


Wednesday 9th May - Page 28


Thursday 10th May - Adeaze


Interview - Bjorn and Jon E and Adeaze

Part One

Part Two

Friday 11th May - Strahan


Lucy Blue


Need To Change

Resurrection Song

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:36

Music Video: Paper Plane "Love Oh Love"

While we're waiting for album release details from Paper Plane, they've gone ahead and given us a new music video for their second single "Love Oh Love".

Your thoughts?

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