Love Doctor: 10th July, 2012 Featured

Question 1 

I got engaged at the beginning of this year and my fiancé and I are at that point where we need to start booking things if we are to get married this year like we had planned. Problem is I’ve realized I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with him anymore. He’s great and his family are super lovely and have been so supportive but he’s not the man I’m madly in love with and I feel I should be when taking such a big step….I don’t know what to do I feel trapped and don’t want to hurt anyones feelings or possibly make one of the biggest mistakes of my life…

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Question 2-

Q2a - Text “Does doing the dishes and mowing the lawns count as foreplay?”

Q2b - Early in our relationship my boyfriend and I went too far physically. We didn’t go all the way but came pretty close. Every time it happens we both feel awful and full of guilt but it seems like nothing we’ve put in place can prevent us revisiting this awful habit. Even after 2 months of staying pure it just takes one slip up to put us back in that awful cycle. How do we break it for good?

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Question 3

I really want to get married but my girlfriend and I aren’t in a great financial situation.-My girlfriend is terrible at saving money and is constantly buying herself and me things that neither of us need. Every time I mention that maybe she should try saving a bit of money and not spending so much she gets really offended. What should I do?

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