Love Doctor: 31st July, 2012 Featured

Question 1

Hey Love Doc in all your time I assume you’ve heard the saying ‘Sharing the roster’…(you know when you start dating a new partner you tell them who you’ve slept with/dated and for how long etc). Well my new partner told me the other week that before we got together she last dated a girl. That has caused a lot of questions to bounce around in my head. How much should a past relationship play into an existing one?

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Question 2

Hey Love Doc, I’m a Christian and have been for a little while now. I have a lot of non-Christian mates and the other day one of them asked why I have decided to wait until I’m married before I have sex. To be honest I didn’t really know what to say only that, that is the way that God designed it, which to him made me seem even stranger. What are some other reasons people wait, so I can be more prepared next time and maybe even encourage others to do the same?

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Question 3

Hey Love Doc, dad and I haven’t ever had much of a relationship and barely speak. Recently I found out he has cancer and the diagnosis doesn’t look good, I am at sixes and sevens at the moment with no clue what to do...

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