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Getting to know Intern Josh

What would you be doing if you weren’t a radio announcer?

I would probably have gone into acting- theatre would have been my gig. But Life FM is legit:)

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy the company of all the guys here at work. Even though i get facebook hacked almost daily, i still think that all the life fm team are awesome guys. Slash girls (Holz, Nerice).

How would your workmates describe you?

Funny, good looking, probably much higher IQ than any of them, a leader, wealth of knowledge, the rock of the life fm team to which without (let's be honest) this place would fall apart.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy surfing and fishing. I enjoy the outdoors:)

What makes a great weekend announcer?

Weekend radio is generally pretty relaxed. I host the Sunday night show, which is pretty much the build up to the forum. I basically try and make people smile by having a chilled out attitude, not yelling, and playing lots of music.

Why Christian radio?

Postive and uplifting music and talk is something which is awesome and i think lots of people (not just Christians) can benefit from what we do at life fm. Everyone working here being Christian is cool too, as it means we are all on the same page.

Who are your fav music artists?

Pink Floyd, Queen, Switchfoot, Mumsdollar, Underoath, Comeback Kid and Michael Jackson. I like almost everthing.

How long have you been at RBG and what job did you start doing here?

I have been hosting the sunday night show now for almost a year. I also do awesome intern work which includes writing down stuff, sticking stuff onto other stuff, typing stuff and making this coffee(?) stuff.

Do you have a nickname.....and what is it?

Alot of people just call me by my last name "Coombridge". The one that has really stuck though is "Coomy". Oh, and i also get called JC alot, due to my Christ-like attitude. Lol, actually its just my intials.

Monday - Thursday




6am - 10am

The Morning Wake-Up
Clint & Bjorn

6am - 10am

The Morning Wake-Up
Clint & Bjorn

8am - 1pm

The Morning Wake-Up
Clint & Bjorn

6am - 12pm

The River:

Modern Worship

10am - 2pm


10am - 2pm


1pm - 6pm

Saturday Arvo


12pm - 5pm

Sunday Arvo


2pm - 7pm

Afternoons with Asher

2pm - 7pm

Afternoons with Asher

6pm - 11pm

Saturday Night

with Dan


5pm - 9pm

Sunday Evenings 

Intern Josh

7pm - Midnight

Nights + The Countdown (at 8pm) with George

7pm - 11pm

Friday Night +

The Countdown (at 8pm) with Dan

9pm - 11pm

The Forum

Life FM's Talkback Show 

George Penk

11pm - Midnight

Homegrown with Jon E Clist

11pm - 1am

Life Remixed

11pm - Midnight

Underground: Metal & More