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Don't Give Up!

'...There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure... trials...' 1 Peter 1:6 NLT

The film The Pursuit of Happyness tells the true story of Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith. Having invested the family's hard-earned savings into portable bone-density scanners, he begins a career as a salesman. Having little understanding of business, the whole venture goes per-shaped and ruins the family financially. As a result his wife leaves him.

Things pick up for Chris when he gains an internship after a chance meeting with a stockbroker and some fancy moves with a Rubik's cube. However, he's dealt another blow when he and his young son are evicted from their home for unpaid taxes. He's now homeless with a demanding, low-paid job and a young son to care for.

Left with no other option but to stay in a homeless shelter that he must queue up for each day (because of the demand for limited rooms), he works as hard as he can to stay afloat, and keep his job. He pushes on to develop ways of making phone sales more efficient and remains faithful in caring for his son despite the pressure. Finally he is rewarded by a fully paid position. By the time the credits roll, we discover that Chris went on to form his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm.

There's a lesson here for us. When things get tough, keep on keeping on. Dig in and don't give up! As Peter said: 'There is wonderful joy ahead!'

SoulFood: Deut 18-21, Mark 11:1-11, Ps 97, Pr 12:1-3

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