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Parachute Festival 2012



Updates from the festival

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George Bjorn Intern Josh
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Clint Asher Nerice
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Holly Dan LifeFM
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SkatersLiveForum JuryAndTheSaints2
Skaters at the door to the live Forum. Crowds flock to the first mainstage event. The Jury & The Saints rock mainstage.
StrahanAtLiveForum AvalanceCity2
Live Forum was serenaded by Strahan. George Penk talks to Frank Ritchie. Avalanche City gets the crowd dancing.
George appreciating the live Forum vibe. The LifeFM tent set up near the Palladium. Bjorn meets all kinds at the festival.
RocketSummer AsherDJ RelientK2

Rocket Summer, breaking walls down.

Asher (DJ) charges the atmosphere. Relient K razzle main stage.
ThePanel PictureOfPicture TheAlmost

The Forum's three wise-persons.

A common site at the festival. George Penk and The Almost.
The Life FM Silent Disco had
crowds dancing in silence.




para2011pic2 Para2011pic3 Para2011pic4



We broadcast live from Parachute 2012 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Clint, Bjorn, George and Holly were roaming around the festival catching the best the it had to offer.


The Forum was re-ignited this year with a live session from Seminar Space. Click on the image to see coming Forum topics and previous content.



The Life FM Silent Disco was a huge success at Deluxe Stage. To see pictures, click the image and go to Life FM's Facebook.



For all information about everything, click the image and go to Parachute 2012's website.