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Donate to Download "Even When It Hurts"

Hillsong UNITED's "Even When It Hurts" is being given away with a donation to the international work of World Vision, as they aim to provide Syrian refugee families with urgent care and a better future.

Reflecting the journey of the song from the studio to the live stage, the music video for the live version of "Even When It Hurts" was filmed in four locations spanning the globe, starting in a studio at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, and ending at Hillsong Conference in Sydney.


Strahan - Free Music Download

How cool is this?!!

For NZ Music Month Strahan is putting his whole catalague on noisetrade for free! Including his single 'There Will Be A Day'. Yay! You can pay a donation for what ever you feel  to say 'thank you' and 'keep it up' to Strahan! 

Follow this link.



Noisetrade launches fan accounts

Noisetrade is a beautiful part of the internet where artists from all genres can post music for download, and fans can leave tips to support them. I use it all the time (cos bands usually post b-sides, remixes, or bonus tracks you can't get anywhere else) and now Noisetrade has launced Fan Accounts.

So you can store your downloads, share your favourites, and generally just have a better time getting awesome music - best part, it's free to sign up!

PS My account is if you want to see what I'm listening to!

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