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Strahan - Free Music Download

How cool is this?!!

For NZ Music Month Strahan is putting his whole catalague on noisetrade for free! Including his single 'There Will Be A Day'. Yay! You can pay a donation for what ever you feel  to say 'thank you' and 'keep it up' to Strahan! 

Follow this link.



Noisetrade launches fan accounts

Noisetrade is a beautiful part of the internet where artists from all genres can post music for download, and fans can leave tips to support them. I use it all the time (cos bands usually post b-sides, remixes, or bonus tracks you can't get anywhere else) and now Noisetrade has launced Fan Accounts.

So you can store your downloads, share your favourites, and generally just have a better time getting awesome music - best part, it's free to sign up!

PS My account is if you want to see what I'm listening to!

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