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Kye Kye to remix "Fantasize"

Just like they did with the Young Love Remix EP, Kye Kye are working on a remix project based on tracks on their January 2014 release Fantasize.

But this isn't an exclusive club, if you want to have a go at remixing one of their songs, and possibly get your remix included on the album, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they'll send you some vocal stems.


Ben Howards First New Zealand Show

Pretty stoked to see Ben Howard is coming to the country, he grabbed our attention with the Bike tricks video that featured 'The Wolves' a few years back - also he did the same cattle drive as Clint did while he was on holiday in the states, only it was a few weeks before. Missed opportunity, but we can make up by hanging out with him now!

Secret Sounds Presents
First New Zealand Headline Show
Saturday 2nd August
The Studio

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