The Morning Wakeup
Leanna, Bjorn & Josh 6:00-10:00am


We're in a society that's moved away from the ideas of absolute good and absolute evil. So having something concrete to stand for will set you apart (in a really good way).

The Bible calls us to stick with the boundaries set by our forerunners (see Proverbs 22:28). If we stay within the age-old knowledge of God's law, we also draw on age-old power to change our world through obedience to God. Obedience may sound like a bit of a stuffy word (or, you know, a dog training thing), but it's the foundation of a God-centred life. The really old root of the word obedience is a mixture of 'ob' - 'to be near' and 'audio' - 'to hear'. If we are close to someone, and hear an instruction from them, the 'obedience' part isn't a choice, it's the natural next step. If we live our lives in proximity to God, obeying His voice will be automatic upon hearing it.

So, hear this from God's Word: '...hold on to what is good. Reject every kind of evil' (1 Thessalonians 5:21 NIV). God is absolutely good, no question, and His way is absolutely right, so hold on to it.

In a world that's all at sea, bobbing along with changing boundaries and drifting with the tide, we can anchor ourselves in a steady-as-a-rock God and show a better (and unfailingly right) way to those floating along in the current.

So what now? When you feel your faith compromised or are uncertain which way to choose, hold on to the good of God's Word, even though it may be tough. He will not fail you.

Soulfood : 2 Cor 1-4, Mk 15:33-47, Ps 139:13-24, Prov 15:31-33

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