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A New Approach to Obedience (3)

A guy trying to win a girl will do anything for her. She'll call him and say, 'I know it's late, you're tired and it's raining, but could you come over and change my flat tyre?' 'Sure, I'll be right over,' he says. And over he comes with a smile. Now, fast forward, they've been married 10 years. She asks him to get up off the sofa and do something for her. She has to say it three or four times - you'd think she'd asked him to cut off his leg the way he moans and groans! Then she gets upset. What's happening? What was once a pleasure has become a pain - because the love has cooled off!

Our problem isn't really obedience, it's keeping our love for Christ strong. Only love makes obedience a joy. Less obedience quite simply means less love. Lots of people allow the love to fizzle out of the Christian life, so that it just becomes a set of rules. But God has designed the Christian life around relationships, not rules. Rules without relationship lead to coldness. Jesus sent an angel to the Christians at Ephesus to say: 'I have this against you, that you have left your first love' (Revelation 2:4 NAS). In other words, 'You don't love Me like you used to.' Then He commanded them to return to the point where they had fallen, which is where they let their love for Him slip.


So what now? Is Christ saying the same thing to you today? Is it time for you to say to Jesus again 'Sure, I'll be right over' with a big smile on your face, glad to do anything He asks?


Soulfood : 2 Cor 11:16-13:14, Lk 1:11-25, Ps 8, Prov 16:8-11

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