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Your eyes are wired to your brain: the optic nerve stretches from the back of the eye right into your head. Your very own high-speed, fibre-optic, in-head broadband. Every image and word you see shoots down it like a dart to your brain, and plants itself into your thoughts.

So, what happens when your eyes land on something that plants 'sex' in your mind? Well, simply, that wrong kind of sex becomes a part of your thoughts - yes, a part of you. What you're taking in changes how your brain understands sex. Experiencing (including 'just messing around' or 'just seeing') sex in the wrong way tears at the tissue of our Spirit and soul.

God crafted sex as a deeply personal and secure way to give ourselves to someone as part of only-the-most-serious commitment. It's made to live in healthy, lifelong marriage. It's God's plan for us to understand it as a celebration of a couple expressing lifelong love, but warped imagery leads to warped expectations.

If you are tempted, turn away or run away! Just as Joseph did when he was tempted. See Joseph's story in Genesis 39:1-18. And don't forget to check out the reward of his faithfulness in Genesis 41:38-45.

So what now? You're precious! You deserve the best! God says that and Word For You Today agrees with Him. Don't compromise with the precious gift of sex. You will not regret taking the secure path.

Soulfood : Song 1-4, Lk 1:26-38, Ps 17, Prov 16:12-15

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