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Why not

'Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf.' 1 Samuel 14:6 NIV

Back in the early days of Saul being king, battle lines were drawn. The Philistines controlled the western border of Israel. Saul was happy enough lounging on the sidelines, but Jonathan wanted to get to that front line: 'Come, let's go over to the Philistine outpost on the other side' (1 Samuel 14:1 NIV). Usually when Israel's kings went into battle, it was because they'd got a word from the Lord telling them they'd win. Jonathan hadn't heard anything like that. He just said, 'Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf' (1 Samuel 14:6 NIV).

Sadly, many people operate from the opposite mentality: 'Perhaps the Lord won't act in our behalf.' They let fear drive their decisions, instead of faith. But God wants us in a place where we know who he is, and that he'll back us if we step out in faith. So our, 'Why should I bother?' becomes 'Well, why not try?'

So, how did the battle end up for Jonathan and his armour bearer? 'So the Lord saved Israel that day' (1 Samuel 14:23 TLB). All it took was one daring risk. That's all it ever takes. When we move, knowing God's heart, God will move on our behalf. And if we don't move, we'll always wonder, 'What if?' Our longest, saddest regrets are our inaction regrets - the things we would've, could've, or should've done, but just didn't do.

So what now? Imagine yourself with God standing behind you, his hands on your shoulders, telling you he's for you wherever you go. 'Why not?'

Soulfood: Gen 20-23 Luke 8:40-56 Ps 125 Pro 4:3-4,

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