Irreversibly blessed

'He has blessed, and I cannot change it.' Numbers 23:20 NIV

The Israelites had conquered the Promised Land. As they marched on Moab, a prince named Balak hired the prophet Balaam to curse the advancing Israeli armies. Overlooking Israel's camp, Balak expected curses to pour out of Balaam's mouth; but instead, came blessings. When he asked why, Balaam replied that God had, 'told me to bless them, so I cannot change the blessing. He has found no wrong in the people of Jacob; he saw no fault in Israel. The Lord their God is with them, and they praise their King"' (Numbers 23:20-21 NCV).

And God chooses not to see our wrongs either: by seeing us through Christ who is perfect and whose sacrifice on the cross has covered all our sins. When the Israelites set up camp each night, they had the tents of eight tribes running vertically, and four running horizontally - the shape of a cross. As redeemed children of God, that's how our heavenly Father sees us. He looks at us through the cross. And since the blood of Jesus paid for every sin we'd ever commit, God sees us as accepted, righteous and complete.

The Bible says, 'now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ' (Ephesians 2:13 NIV). Through Jesus, our sins no longer separate us from God and we're irreversibly blessed.

So what now? Draw a picture of a cross and put it somewhere you'll see it often. Use it as a reminder that God sees you though Jesus and that you're irreversibly blessed.

Soulfood: Gal 1-3 Matt 18:21-35 Ps 119:105-112 Pro 18:9,

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