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'Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.' James 4:10 NIV

Self-esteem means placing our confidence in ourselves and in our own successes. Placing emphasis on self-esteem means we can end up quite self-focused. We can begin to think we don't need God, and that we can manage perfectly well on our own. We end up celebrating what we have achieved. This is different to placing our identity in Christ, having confidence in who he is and then giving the glory back to God.

The Bible says: 'Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up' (James 4:10 NIV). Our lives don't work as well if we focus on promoting ourselves and striving to be the best on our own merits. We should never forget that we're only who we are because of who God is. We're only called because God chose to call us. We're only accepted because of God's unfailing love and Jesus' sacrifice. We're only strong because God is our strength. We're only wonderfully made because we're created by the ultimate Creator, who made us in his likeness.

It's vital for us to know who we are, but also to have the humility to recognise that we're only who we are because of God. And let's have the confidence to believe that everything God says about us is true, that he is good, and that we can trust him with our lives.

So what now? Spend time reflecting on how amazing God is. Have confidence in him first, rather than in yourself. You'll find it takes a lot of pressure off how you view and do life.

Soulfood: Isa 42-44, Matt 12:22-37, Ps 108, Pro 3:31-32

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