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Change your thinking 2

'You know my thoughts before I think them.' Psalm 139:2 NCV

How we feel is often determined by the thoughts we have. For example, worried people tend to think anxious thoughts, and eventually those thoughts become so automatic in their everyday lives. Or negative people usually feel down about things because their mind has started to automatically think pessimistically about everything. Our thought patterns, both positive and negative, can become so much of a habit that they become our default setting.

So, if we want to change our lives, we must change the way we think. God knows exactly what each one of us is thinking. David exclaimed: 'Lord, you have examined me and know all about me... You know my thoughts before I think them' (Psalm 139:1-2 NCV).

God can help us become aware of what's going on in our minds at each moment. David prayed, 'Test me and know my anxious thoughts' (Psalm 139:23 NIV). He was asking God to show him where he was going wrong in his thinking. And we can ask God to do that for us too. God will direct us to where our thought patterns are wrong and help us deal with them. Not only will he show us how to remove wrong thoughts, but also how to replace them with the right ones, by setting our minds on 'what the Spirit desires' (Romans 8:5 NIV).

So what now? Pray the prayer of David today: 'Test me and know my anxious thoughts'. Then ask God to help you deal with any anxious thoughts he shows you. It's time to set your mind on the right things.

Soulfood: Isa 49-52, Matt 13:1-9, Ps 67, Pro 4:1-2

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