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The apostle Peter had a tendency to spill exactly what was on his mind. This meant sometimes he was spot on with what he said, sometimes he was way off, and other moments physically putting his foot in his mouth would actually have been more constructive than carrying on with the conversation.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus praises Peter and says he's blessed, but just a few verses on down, Peter puts his foot in it (again) and Jesus has to bring him down a peg (Matthew 16:17, 23). Sounds kind of like most of us, right? Striding along confidently for God one minute, then falling over our own feet the next.

Well, God gave some pretty good advice that could help us. When Jesus, Moses and Elijah were having a mountain-top meeting with Peter, James and John, Peter got pretty carried away, babbling on and on at Jesus. God dropped in (no biggie), and intervened by saying 'This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to Him' (Luke 9:35 NIV). They were all speechless after hearing that.

We can all use a bit of redirection sometimes. That 'listen to Jesus' refocus can be a make or break thing. The more we listen to God, the less we'll say things that He wouldn't want.

So what now? If you find yourself in a situation where you can tell you might say something a bit brainless, take a breath, take yourself out of the situation, and spend a moment listening for God's voice.

Soulfood : Gal 5:22, Lk 6:27-36, Ex 23:1-9, Rom 12:14-21

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