Saturday Afternoon
Charlie 2:00-5:00pm


Jesus suddenly stops in a marketplace and says, 'Who touched Me?' No one owns up. Peter says, "'Master, the people are crowding and pressing against You." But Jesus said, "Someone touched Me; I know that power has gone out from Me"' (Luke 8:45-46 NIV).

Jesus knew the difference between the clumsy bump of a passer-by and a deliberate faith-filled grasp. Where Peter was led by the lack of response in the natural (no one spoke up), Jesus knew that something had happened through His supernatural Spirit. He knew that, because of her illness, the woman held back from making herself known. She was seen as cursed by the people. Then the woman, who had been instantly healed when she touched Jesus, came forward and dropped at His feet, trembling. Because Jesus asked for a response, she could respond.

It's vital to our growth as Christians that we start to have the Jesus-like response, rather than the Peter-style response. In other words, we must control our thoughts to live under God-given discernment - that is, when God gives us an extra non-see-hear-taste-touch-smell nudge to identify something that would otherwise be difficult to know. The best way to find that is to get closer to Jesus. The closer we are to Him, the clearer we'll be able to see those hard-to-spot Spiritual things.


So what now? Ask your you-focused rationalising self to keep quiet for five minutes (we know it's hard, but press in). Then, ask God to help you with that in-tune-with-Him discerning ability. See what He says and take it from there.


Soulfood : Deut 11-13, Mk 4:26-41, Ps 37:16-24, Prov 11:30-31

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