Sherryn 2:00-7:00pm


Do you remember being little and having those 'my dad's the best' arguments? Then, we got older and it stopped being about mum and dad - and it became all about us. We don't often say it out loud (at least not in church) but, in reality, our hearts can often drift towards a judgmental, self-promoting spirit, assuming we're better than other people. It makes us feel secure. This is not a new thing. Jesus found himself hanging around with a bunch of guys who started arguing about the oh-so-mature topic of... 'Who will be the greatest?'

Have you noticed that a lot about 'living for God' is living in opposites? Like loving your enemies instead of hating them (how hard is that!). And forgiving people instead of holding a grudge. Well, when Jesus was dealing with this argument between His disciples over greatness, He didn't quote a great philosopher to make His point. Instead, He pointed at a child. 'Whoever receives this little child in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me. For he who is least among you all will be great' (Luke 9:48 NKJ).


So what now? When you next get that feeling of superiority or one-upmanship, forget you and humble yourself by making the person who it's directed at feel welcome in some way. Compliment them, or make them a cup of tea.


Soulfood : Deut 14-17, Mk 5:1-10, Ps 37:25-31, Prov 12:1-3

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