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A Swedish company claims to have designed a device that recharges phones using just water. Yes, good old H2O. The device allows ten hours of phone life per tablespoon. Imagine that - a few drops of the clear stuff and you can talk on and on.

David prayed: 'My soul longs for You, as a parched land... Teach me the way in which I should walk' (Psalm 143:6 & 8 NAS). Circumstances were dry for David and his soul was thirsty. (Would his prayer have been different if he was living in luxury surrounded by servants, do you think?) Not knowing where his next meal was coming from and sleeping outside every night radically changed his perspective. When life goes well, we can start to think that we're self-sufficient and forget God. But when we're running on empty, our souls cry out in thirsty desperation.

Prayer, church, Bible study, singing praise, meditation and reflection - they're all designed by God to recharge our spirit. God uses them to pour the soul-quenching water of Himself into our aching spirits. If we starve ourselves of the charge-up time, we risk a Spiritual and emotional (maybe even physical) blow out. Taking the time to replenish yourself in God is vital.


So what now? If you're feeling Spiritually dry and in need of replenishment, the 'Water Source' has not moved! So, today pick up your Bible, listen to your favourite worship music and re-charge your soul.


Soulfood : Ezek 24:1-27:24, Mk 13:24-37, Ps 132:11-18, Prov 15:5-7

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