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Haven't read yesterday? (Did you get to the half yearly review bit and think, 'Hey, waaaaay too heavy,' and decide to update your Facebook status instead? Right then, no excuses. Pop back and have a read.)

Back? Cool. This 'mast' business then, what's it all about? Masts aren't just for when things are rough, like storms; masts give a ship its strength when the sun is out and the wind is in its favour. God's presence doesn't just secure us in safety, it also means we can do good things - seriously good things - that we couldn't do without Him. 'The Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you... and you will be changed into a different person' (1 Samuel 10:6 NIV). When we share God with friends, pray to see people freed from sin, and pray openly for healing, we need to know that there is going to be something that will make things happen!

We have to 'lash' our courage to the mast. If God is that 'mast', then we don't have to worry about our own lack of ability or experience. A fierce life of faith doesn't mean that we must be famous Christians or big church leaders - it means only clinging to God, and trying to live in a way that only makes sense if He is real. That way we'll be 'doing a great work.'

So what now? Have you ever prayed for someone's healing? It's not too hard, honest. You can give it a go today if you keep your eyes open (and ears to God).

Soulfood : 1 Sam 11-13, Lk 2:16-35, Ps 95, Prov 16:31-33

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