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Spencer Kane joins Anthem Lights

Spencer Kane has joined Anthem Lights, filling the vacancy left by founding member Alan Powell.

The new configuration of Anthem Lights has released its first music video, a Justin Bieber medley. The group is well known on YouTube and social media for its quality cover song arrangements, as well as for its original tunes.

It looks like Kane will continue to develop original tunes of his own, as well as his career as a solo artist, even while working with Anthem Lights.


Capital Kings x Justin Bieber?

Although it's not completely legit! As far as we can tell it's a unofficial remix of 'What Do You Mean' - Jon & Cole have smashed it though. It's a great take and see's their sound evolve yet again into a future house jam perfect for the summer! (at least here in NZ)


Bieber features in Christian rapper's video

Justin Bieber has discussed his faith in Christian rapper Brandon Burke's latest music video, entitled 'The Pledge'.

Although the pop-sensation has featured heavily in recent media coverage for the wrong reasons, Bieber shows his faith is still significant to him as he discusses God's grace and the death of Christ at the end of Burke's video.

Bieber says: "Imagine someone killing your son - like, a bunch of people killing your son; these are your people. It's like, how are you killing my son? It's gonna be hard for you to forgive. God forgave everyone, and they killed his son. That show's how much grace God has."

See the video here.

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