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"Get some great tunes. Give generously. And help Jonny be good."

Check out this new compilation album featuring a whole bunch of Kiwi musicians for Jono. He's a good friend of the station and he needs help - so please donate generously. Check out the press release for the album below:

Meet Jono.

Jono is the original little drummer boy. Dude's been killing the skins since he was tall enough to pound a snare.

And he's good. Real good. In fact, if you're a Kiwi muso, he's the guy you call for a beat. Jono's been the smiling backbone of too many bands to count.

He's the happiest guy in showbiz. His face lights up the stage like a human L.E.D – Jono's the midas of breakbeats. Everything he touches turns to gold.

But here's the bummer. A few months ago, Jono and his beautiful wife were in a pretty bad crash. Our guy was pretty badly injured. He spent weeks in a coma with severe brain trauma. Although he's awake now and banging that hospital bed like ballin' John Bonham, he's got a long recovery ahead of him.

Jono's a human magnet. He's the essence of love and generosity. But his journey back to the drumstool will be a long and expensive one.

So here's what we've gone and done. We've made our guy Jono a little mixtape. It's full of exclusive gems and material written by a community of musicians that he's played with over the years. Clap Clap Riot, Avalanche City, Great North, Jesse Sheehan, Lydia Cole, Nathan King and heaps more – they've all come to the party, donating never-heard-before tracks. Some golden B-sides, some recorded especially for Jono. It's a real party up in here.

So, here's what you're gonna go and do. You're gonna get your hands on this piece of work. And you're going to pay a price of your choosing. But we know you'll be generous, because we've got a man down, and we need that man back in action ASAP.

Get some great tunes. Give generously. And help Jonny be good.


Avalanche City – 'Giving Me a Sign'
Sam Bentley feat. Lydia Cole – 'Dearest'
Nathan King – 'No Stopping You'
Clap Clap Riot – 'I Told You Man'
Jesse Sheehan – 'Old Man'
Lydia Cole – 'Dream' (Demo)
Nic Manders – 'Tomorrow's Gold'
Luke Thompson – 'Smile'
Great North – 'All Saints Day'

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