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Anberlin To Release another Live Album

Back in May of this year, Tooth & Nail Records delighted fans by releasing a live recording of a special night on Anberlin's final tour last year, in which they played their album Never Take Friendship Personal from front to back. Now, on July 24th, the label will be releasing Cities: Live In New York City, offering up a live recording on the beloved fan-favourite album from the same tour.

To sweeten the deal, on September 4th, the label will be releasing a special double-vinyl release of the BOTH albums together, with Never Take Friendship Personal in a Royal Blue Variant and Cities in an Orange Crush Variant. You can preorder the vinyl release here in the Tooth & Nail store, and the digital versions will be released to buyers on July 24, the Cities release date.

BONUS: Reports say they also filmed the concerts... so here's hoping for a live DVD some time soon!!


Anberlin to release live album

It's been ten years since Anberlin released Never Take Friendship Personal, and they've decided to mark the occasion by releasing a live album from when they went on tour a decade ago.

NTFP Live from New York City is up for pre-order now, with the release day sloted as May 5.

Track Listing:
1. Never Take Friendship Personal
2. Paperthin Hymn
3. Stationary Stationary
4. (The Symphony Of) Blase'
5. A Day Late
6. The Runaways
7. Time & Confusion
8. The Feel Good Drag
9. Audrey, Start The Revolution!
10. A Heavy Hearted Work of Staggering Genuis
11. Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen


New Clip for Anberlin's 'We Are Destroyer'

Punk rockers Anberlin have just released a brand new video for their track 'We Are Destroyer' off their latest album Lowborn (it's at the bottom of this article!)

The video is made up of clips from their live performances over the past year, and coincided with the opening of their new website.

The song is pretty great - and the rest of the album is wicked too - so if you're interested go and give it a download from iTunes.


Watch Anberlin Live (Kind of)

Anberlin are in the final leg of their final ever tour (insert crying-face emoji here) - and for those who've missed out on seeing them one last time (like the entire population of NZ), Yahoo! are streaming their New York City show tomorrow afternoon NZ Time.

So set your alarm for 2:40pm tomorrow and catch it live, or watch it through the 24hr replay afterwards.

If you haven't got Anberlin's final album Lowborn yet... seriously?? Fix that.

Oh and check out this interview with guitarist Christian McAlhaneyMcAlhaney, where there's talk of final tour documentaries, box-sets, and future side-projects...


New Music from Anchor & Braille

Anchor & Braille, which features Stephen Christian of Anberlin, have released 2 new songs "Fatal Flaw" and "Detroit Stab". A post from their new label MP45 states that A&B will now "as the primary outlet for Christian's creativity". 

Stephen's also released two song explanation videos, and talks about the next chapter of his musical career.


Anberlin Remix Contest

Tooth & Nail have launched an Anberlin remix contest on Indiloop. The winner receives VIP tickets to one of their final shows in New York as well as a signed merch pack!

Entrants can remix any track from the band's new album Lowborn. And it looks like you don't even have to be a pro-DJ to have a go at using Indiloop to make a remix. Worth a shot if you've got some spare time / study procrastinating to do!

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