NZMM - Kiwi Download

Happy New Zealand Music Month!

Grab your copy of the Kiwi download below.

1. CASS - Silhouettes

2. Paper Cranes - Midsummer

3. Nakita - SUCKA

4. Josh Mac - whenicalledyou

5. Holly Untitled - We Are Falling

6. Equippers Revolution - Senses

7. Josh & Amberley Klinkenberg - Simple Love

8. A Little Braver - Story

9. Black Boy Peaches - Don't Stay Here

10. Fends - For You

11. C3 Worship - Yes and Amen

12. City Impact Church - Moving Mountains

13. The Music Project - Deliverance (Acoustic)

14. Grace Vineyard - Holy Holy is the Lord

15. Emily Rice - Happy, Go Lucky (Do Right By Me)

16. Aro - Old Tree

Life FM loves New Zealand music, and this year we're stoked to bring you a free download of some of our favourite tracks.

Shoutout to all the artists for being super generous and providing their tunes for free. Make the most of it - it's available for May only - and share it with a friend so they can experience the kiwi goodness too!

DOWNLOAD (File is 135mb)

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