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Can You Say That

'...I am with you always, even to the end of the age...' Matthew 28:20 NKJ

His body is buried at Westminster Abbey but his heart (literally) remains in Africa. When Robert Livingston, a missionary doctor, died, the Africans removed his heart and buried it in the land he loved. When he died, they found him in prayer with his Bible opened to Matthew 28. Beside verse 20 he'd written: 'The word of a gentleman.' Livingston could easily have lived comfortably in his native Scotland. His arm was paralysed from a lion attack, he'd suffered 27 bouts of jungle fever and was exhausted from battling slave traders. What kept him in Africa? Addressing the University of Glasgow, Livingston said, 'What sustained me amidst the trials, hardships and loneliness of my exiled life, was the promise of a gentleman of the most sacred honour: it was this promise, "I am with you always, even to the end of the age" (Matthew 28:20 NKJ). People talk about the sacrifice I've made. But can it be called a sacrifice when it's simply paying back a small part of a great debt I owe to God? A payment that brings peace of mind and the hope of a glorious destiny? It is no sacrifice; it is a privilege!' As a man cried openly at his funeral, a friend asked if he'd known Livingston personally. He said, 'I weep not for Livingston, but for myself. He lived and died for something, I have lived for nothing.'

So what now? Livingston's motto was, 'I place no value on anything I have, except in its relationship to the Kingdom of God.' Can you say that?

Soulfood: 2 Ki 13-15, Luke 17:1-10, Ps 26, Prov 7:26-27

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