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God is Waiting for You

'The Lord is close to everyone who prays to him...' Psalm 145:18 NCV

Listen: One day a couple of youth workers were chatting to some kids on the street about Jesus and the way he heals. Excited, the kids decided to give this healing thing a try and invited the youth workers to go with them to meet their 'friend'. The youth workers were well up for it until they realised they had been taken to the scariest criminal on an inner-city estate who was struggling to walk. An audience of 50 or so local youth and criminals gathered to see the 'show' and whether God really could heal. Wondering how they ended up there, the terrified workers cried out to God and he answered them. The man walked.

God's help and healing is always available, but it flows more strongly towards those who really go after it. You get nothing sat around watching TV all day. God loves radical, on the edge, risk-taking faith.

If you really want to see God at work, take some chances for him today!

So what now? Maybe all you have today is a belief that God wants to help and a hope that he will. Maybe you feel like all you have to offer Jesus is your pain. Perhaps your past has kept you from coming to him before. Wherever you are at, come to him. God loves seeds of faith, no matter how small. Step out, trust him, take some action and get ready to give him all the praise. He may not always respond the way you expect but you're guaranteed a good answer!

Soulfood: 2 Ki 24-25, Luke 18:18-30, Ps 116:1-11, Prov 8:8-9

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